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Parents are very important at Rucks of Fun - Modelling the instruments, the songs and activities.  It is also very important for little ones to explore and experiment and at Rucks of Fun all this is accompanied by a variety of themed music.

'Zoom!' is one of the favourite regular songs in the Little Tots Class and this is where the biggest smiles are about to  appear at Rucks of Fun!

'Play the Parachute' is a favourite with little ones and games and songs are used to stimulate senses and add interest to the classes at Rucks of Fun.  Some children like to be on top of the parachute, some underneath and others like to do the flapping!

Many different props and resources are used along with music to encourage exploration with movement such as; Ribbon rings, ribbons, hoops, balls, beanbags and scarves.

As well as the development of creativity and gross motor skills, some of the activities are designed to develop concentration and fine motor skills in a fun way - such as at Christmas 'Deck our Mums with lots of Bean Bags, Fa la la la la la la la la!'

In the Big Tots Class, children are introduced to a variety of instruments played in different ways such as; Instruments we shake, tap, hit, scrape, strum or blow.

At Rucks of Fun there is a balance between children following instructions and an element of exploration and musicality, allowing children to feel and develop rhythmical ability with catchy music.

A thematic approach to music is very important at Rucks of Fun. Appropriate themes are used throughout the year for the songs, rhymes and accompanying music - linked to celebrations, the seasons and children's interests.

As well as using different skills to play instruments, each half term there is a musical focus such as learning to start and stop with the music, play loudly and quietly, play quickly and slowly and make longer and shorter sounds, accompanied by visual supports.

Props such as hats, toys and lots of home made visual and aural aids are used every week to accompany the weekly theme and stimulate interest in the songs.  What better time is there to wear a santa hat and shake the jingle bells?

The children enjoyed the teddy props for 'The Teddy Bear Rock' as part of the 'Toy Story' theme.

Forgot to mention that the parachute ALWAYS brings out the squeals!