​'Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning.'

I had the pleasure of teaching alongside Cheryl Booth for many years.  Cheryl is a highly educated, professional and caring teacher.  She is warm, caring and sincere in her approach to each child and their development into confident, enquiring and happy individuals, is at the heart of everything she does.  She provides a safe and nurturing environment in which children thrive.


Jenny Fozard (Job-share, teaching colleague)

Having worked with Cheryl for many years I have seen how passionate she is about music and the enjoyment that she gets out of teaching music to children.  She takes great care in choosing songs and musical themes that the children will enjoy and connect with.  Year on year she taught recorders to year 2 children, produced the KS1 nativity as well as teaching singing each week to all of KS1.  Being a musician herself, she has a good understanding of the elements of music and uses this to good effect when teaching young children.


                Julie Rowen (Teaching Colleague)

Cheryl is an experienced and talented musician having played the flute since she was 7 years old.  Her technical ability is without question - her interpretation of music is superb and she plays with sensitivity and compassion.  She is accustomed to playing in public – she has played in the orchestra pit for the Frodsham Panto Group and has assisted with the leadership of the regular Sunday music group at St Mary's Church Weaverham.  She exhibits a fresh approach and is full of new and exciting ideas - her teaching experience helps her to communicate these ideas well.  She has a patient, caring and supportive personality.


Derek Wilson (Musical Director of FFaith and PPraises at St Mary's Chruch, Weaverham,)

My daughter began crying as we were travelling in the car and I wondered what I could do to calm her?  I began singing one of the 'Rucks of Fun' songs and she immediately stopped crying and began smiling and giggling when she heard it!

(Liz - A Tarvin Class Mum)



I have really enjoyed coming to Rucks of Fun classes and my daughter has really come on - with being part of them!  The groups are brilliant and you have amazing ideas and equipment for the babies to use!

(Kirsty  - A Tarvin Class Mum)



I really like the fact that I can bring both my children to the one class.  

(Claire - A Hartford Class Mum)



I think your resources are lovely and the class is so organised.

(Victoria - A Hartford Class Mum)



"I love Cheryl!'

(Ava - A Weaverham Tot)



We love this class it's so creative and my daughter really enjoys it - as a teacher and mother I like the many skills that she is gaining as well as having a good time. Cheryl is lovely and very inviting and the children really respond to her - a definite hit and of course rucks of fun!

(Louisa - A Hartford Mum)