All Classes are inclusive and provide equal opportunities and diversity of learning.  Rucks of Fun believes all children have a right to learn in a safe, caring and stimulating environment.
At Rucks of Fun every baby, toddler and pre-schooler is an individual with great potential.
At Rucks of Fun...

Classes have been designed to complement and enhance the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.


Each class follows a structured plan in a friendly and informal manner where children can learn at their own pace.


There are two 'Special Friends' in each class:                       

'Musical Milly'


                   and 'Zooming Ziggy'


who watch out to see who will need a sticker to celebrate their hard work at the end of each class.


Classes each week follow a similar format as children like familiarity and routine.  Rucks of Fun uses a wide range of exciting themes, props, visual aids and instruments for hands on experiences.  Themes are changed on a regular basis as this all adds to the fun and anticipation.


Parents and Carers' are especially important at Rucks of Fun, as role models and to provide encouragement.  If you are enthusiastic, it is more likely your child will have fun and learn. 

Big Tots: 2-4 years and
Mixed Tots: 0-4 years

In the 'Mixed and Big Tots' classes, individual mats are used for comfort and to help little ones find spaces.

Greetings are very important at the start of this class to welcome and celebrate everyone's arrival.  Children will find their name cards around the room which are held by a mini Milly or Ziggy!


Each session will end with a celebration of their hard work, rewarded with a Rucks of Fun sticker and handout to take home.

Each class is structured with:

  • Meet and Greet

  • A Warm Welcome

  • Wake Up Time

  • Today's Theme

  • What's in the Bag?

  • Follow the Leader

  • Milly's Musicality Time

  • Zoom with Ziggy

  • Play the Parachute

  • Zoom with Ziggy again

  • Rucks of Fun Rest Time

  • Goodbyes


More information about each activity is provided on the website.

Little Tots: 0-2 years

In the 'Little Tots' class, each carer and  child will have their own mat to use enabling everyone to be safe and comfortable as they learn and join in.


Greetings are also very important at the start of every lesson to welcome and celebrate everyone's arrival.  Children are given time to check each other out!


At the end of each lesson, children's successes will be praised and rewarded with a Rucks of Fun Sticker.


Each class is structured with:

  • Meet and Greet

  • A Warm Welcome

  • Wake Up time

  • All about us and today's theme

  • Zoom with Ziggy

  • Milly's Musicality Time

  • Play the Parachute

  • Super Senses

  • Rucks of Fun at Rest

  • Goodbyes

More information about each activity is provided on the web site.


Please wear comfortable loose clothing such as; T shirts, leggings, trousers, joggers or shorts and sensible footwear for moving around.  

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