Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Children with Special Educational Needs and Difficulties (SEND)

Rucks of Fun is inclusive of all children regardless of gender, race, colour, religion or social background.  Children with special educational needs or disabilities are also welcomed.  As a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCO) I have experience in working with children from the four areas of special educational needs and disabilities as outlined in the

                                                                                    Special Education Needs and Disability Code of Practice: 0-25 Years.   


Behavioural, Emotional, Social and Mental Needs including:  

ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADD Attention Deficit Disorder

BESD Depression

Attachment Disorder


Communication and Interaction Needs including:

SCLN Speech and Language and Communication Need

ASD Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Cognition and Learning including:

MLD Moderate Learning Difficulties

SLD Severe Learning Difficulties

PMLD Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties

SPLD Specific learning difficulties

           Dyslexia (reading and writing)

           Dyscalculia (maths)

           Dyspraxia (co-ordination)

           Dysgraphia (writing)

Sensory/Physical Needs including:

VI – Visual impairment

HI – Hearing impairment

MSI – Multi-sensory impairment

PD – Physical disability

Rucks of Fun supports the development and learning of children with special needs and disabilities in the following ways:


  • Behavioural, Emotional, Social and Mental Needs - Classes have a regular pattern for familiarity, they are relaxed and promote positive interactions with praise and encouragement enabling children to feel valued and secure.  Children are encouraged to respond and explore through modelling and interaction by myself and other adults.

  • Communication and Interaction Needs - Children with communication difficulties can respond with movement to music and visual aids and playing instruments in a variety of ways

  • Cognition and Learning Needs - Rucks of Fun Classes use a variety of learning styles to cater for all children including visual, aural and kinaesthetic approaches and I believe if a child is having fun, then they are learning, perhaps more than we realise!

  • Sensory/Physical needs - Visually impaired children can respond to the physical contact of props, hearing music and learning of actions developing spatial awareness.  Hearing impaired children can experience sounds through, vibrations, rhythms and actions and respond to visual aids.  Children with physical disabilities can respond to music and visual aids and undertake all activities supported by an adult, as all equipment is accessible and caters for a variety of needs.

I am more than willing to dicuss privately with a Parent/Carer about how their child can be included in a Rucks of Fun Class