A Splash of Colour!

I'm looking forward to the next 2 weeks, singing songs and rhymes all about colours! 'What colour are your eyes? What colour are your eyes? Everybody's eyes are different you see and that's what makes us all... as special as can be!' We shall be looking in mirrors, bouncing coloured balloons with the parachute, exploring instruments we shake and dribbling balls with our feet.

Toy Story 2!

What a fantastic week of fun we had last week, if you missed it then come to Rucks of Fun this week, because we will be singing about our toys again. The teddies really enjoyed doing the 'Teddy Bear Rock' (And so did the children!) I think the children are getting the hang of using the instruments we scrape, especially scraping along to Hooked on Tchaikovsky!

Toy Story!

The theme at Rucks of Fun this week is 'Toy Story!' We shall be singing songs and rhymes about our toys. We shall have more fun with the hokey cokey and explore instruments we 'scrape'. Please bring your favourite toy to show all your friends. Mmmm... which toys shall take? My teddy I think!

I'm so excited!!!

Have you seen the fantastic T shirts and Fleeces Cheryl has got! They've got the 'Rucks of Fun' logo on. It's so everyone knows who's in charge in class!! I think we both look great too!!

Wear a Poppy Today!

A very important theme in Rucks of Fun this week... 'Wear a Poppy Today!' There is a lovely song for the children, to help them learn why we wear a poppy. We loved the beautiful Poppy display that we saw in Liverpool at the weekend. Can't wait to do some marching and throw those paper aeroplanes in class this week. Cheryl has made some lovely poppies. She couldn't make the paper aeroplanes though, Mike had to do them! But it doesn't matter if you can't do everything, as long as you know a man who can! We give thanks for those who fell, those affected by war, and those who fight today for our freedom and peace. 'For our tomorrow they gave their today.' 'We will remember them.'

Oh it's fun to have a bonfire!

I can't believe that Rucks of Fun classes fhave been running for a whole half term! Time certainly flies when you are having fun! I have enjoyed myself so much - singing, making and moving to music from a variety of themes. 'All about me!, People who help us, Autumn Fun and Food and Harvest Time!' The Autum 2 Term will begin with a 'Wizz, Fizz, Pop and Bang' theme for Bonfire Night! Hope you can make it? Weaverham and Whitley on Wednesday 4th November and Tarvin on 5th November. (Kingsley classes begin on 10th November) ​

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