Autumn Fun!

Have you seen some of the changes happening around us? The leaves on the tree in the back garden have turned into a beautiful deep red. I have also seen some leaves turning yellow, orange and brown on the trees we pass on the way to Rucks of Fun. I really like the spikey conkers that are falling off the Horse Chestnut trees and the helicopters that spin round and round as they fall from the Sycamore trees. I think Autumn is arriving! Time to go 'Conkers Bonkers' at Rucks of Fun next week!

'People Who Help Us'

I'm so looking forward to Rucks of Fun this week and next, the theme is all about 'People who help us'. There are so many people who are ready to help us every day and I am so thankful for them and the wonderful jobs they do - we are lucky. Did you see the hose pipe packed into the car today and all those letters? I wonder what they are for? Well I think we will find out later, come on let's get buzzing!!

What a lovely start!

Ziggy and I have had a fantastic day in Weaverham and Whitley! Such lovely children came to Rucks of Fun for the first time. They sang and moved beautifully, enjoying and learning the regular songs and some new ones such as; 'When I got dressed!' and 'Can you?'. The parachute was a scream! Literally! Three little boys could be heard from one end of Weaverham to the other. I am soooo... so tired. Bed early tonight, because there's more Rucks of Fun tomorrow! Look out for this sign in Tarvin tomorrow and Kingsley next week.

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