Ah!! The flutter of tiny wings!

Great excitement today!! Loads of 'mini' Ziggys and Millys arrived ready to be part of the 'Meet and Greet' time at Rucks of Fun - Musical Merriment! They will be next to your name card until you arrive in class and search to see is looking after your name. Is it Ziggy today or is it Milly? They will help us all say hello to each other until it is time for them to have a rest in their 'Rucks of Fun House'. Can you see the beautifully stitched name on the house by @Presents Felt? Hurry and book your place so your name will be ready for September!

Hi there...

Hi everyone! We're Musical Milly and Zooming Ziggy and we are part of Rucks of Fun - Musical Merriment for 0-4 years. It is really exciting here at the moment. Lots of parcels have been arriving and getting sorted and labelled. We have seen a parachute, mats, hoops, scarves, ribbons, shiny eggs and beautiful instruments. We'll have a bash and a bong on those later! These are all the brand new resources for the new classes in September. Have you booked your class yet? Hurry, places will be limited. Keep checking our blog and we will keep you posted about what is happening...

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