Little Tots Class 0-2 years (30minutes)


This class is designed for babies and small toddlers who may be still unsteady on their feet.  Each class has a regular structure to provide a variety of experiences for children to learn.

Meet and Greet!

A time of merriment, excitement and anticipation as everyone arrives.  Children are given time to choose a mat and check each other out!  Music is playing to create a welcoming atmosphere!

A Warm Welcome!

Sitting on a mat in a circle, each child is welcomed by name and all the 'mini' Zooming Ziggys and Musical Millys are returned to the Rucks of Fun House.  The 'Welcome Song' is sung at the beginning of each class. 

"Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome... welcome everyone,

There's music and there's lots to do at Rucks of Fun!"

Wake Up Time!

'A time to get our bodies moving, minds thinking and ready to learn... A rousing 'wake up' song with actions is just the thing to get everyone awake and alert and joining in! 

Zoom with Ziggy!

Follow the leader!  Time to move about around the room, different formations and actions led by music, different tempos, rhythms heights and directions, including some props.


Play the Parachute!

Rucks of fun with songs and games around, on and under the parachute.  I can hear the squeals of laughter now!!


Rucks of Fun at Rest!

Ahhhh!!!  Slow captivating music to slow down the pace, relax excited little minds and bodies and bring the lesson to a quiet peaceful conclusion.


All about us!

A special time for little ones and their adults with finger rhymes, lots of eye contact for bonding and laughter.  Songs and rhymes will be linked to the theme for the week.


Milly's Musicality Time!

Bang, jingle, rattle and ting!  A time to explore a variety of instruments with the opportunity to compose, perform, listen and respond to music and sounds.  Instruments that require banging, shaking, rattling or hitting are introduced.


Super Senses!

What senses will you need today?  Is it something to feel?  Is it something to see?  Is it something to hear?  Whatever it is your little one will be captivated!



Well done!!  A time to celebrate the children's successes and learning and present their Rucks of Fun stickers.  Finally all singing the 'Goodbye Song'.


The content of each lesson may vary slightly depending on the level of FUN!

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